Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Quote 1

This is not to boast my personal ability to come up with quotes, but this is only an acknowledgement of what one's mind is capable of producing. I am also not expecting to come up with quotes but if something striking comes up to this wonderful mind (not that of mine but the wonder called mind itself) then I think it is worth noting.

To myself:
I attempt not to produce something, let the one that produces everything take its own course. Just be a scriber, a subscriber, a listener, a witness. Let not pride overcome you, because I am incapable of anything. I produce nothing, I am just a via media. I do nothing significant. May the one within, the cause of all causes, lead me and direct me. If anything is achieved then it is all because of That only. If there are any shortcomings then they belong to my unqualified ego. May the Sweet one produce all sweetness through me and everyone.

Madhuradhipather akhilam madhuram.

Hare Krishna.

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