Thursday, October 3, 2013

ede tumbi hADidenu andu nAnu

As an young kid I could never appreciate the popular song "yede tumbi hADidenu andu nAnu" (I sang my heart out the other day). Now every line touches me deep within everytime I listen to it. The entire song is amazing. Every line resonates within, but these lines in particular are simply amazing:

"ella kELali yendu nAnu hADuvudilla, hAduvudu anivArya karmavenage. hADu hakkige bEke birudu sanmana" - I do not sing so that everyone listens. I sing because that is my obligation for myself, my nature. Is a singing bird in need of (or does it sing for) praises or rewards?

"hADuvenu maidumbi endinante" - I will sing my heart out like I always do, like any other day;
"yAru kivi muchidaru nanagilla chinthe"- even if others (whoever they are) close their ears, I have no worries.

Most people are stuck in a world where they do things for the world outside; people want to do things to impress others, whether it is in what they choose to study or what they buy or where they work or what they say. This is why most people are stressed out. They are tired and frustrated because of this "impression business", of this inner conflict - the conflict between what they want to do and what they are doing.

This song is an amazing opportunity to reflect on what you want to do with your life. This applies to me, to you and to everyone. Yes, there are a minority of individuals struck by misfortune who do not seem to have the freedom to choose, but even those who can consider themselves powerless.

When we are controlled by "others", we perceive "helplessness" and helplessness results in frustration. People talk about empowering others, but we need to empower ourselves before we thinking of others. As soon as one takes control of life, life is no more stressful. Stress happens when we go against the current, our own nature. This is why Krishna "working against one's own nature is fearful".

Dance as if there is no one around. Live as if this is the only life. If you are not pleased, there is little chance that you can please others in the long run. You may temporarily entertain others but will soon see yourself warring out. Watch for the self-talk, watch for what the you in you has to say. Follow your instincts and you will impress others without trying much more than when you try to. People see the vibes you bring when you have the integrity, when there is congruence and consistency. Find that yourself instead of asking others "how to". If you want to, you will find it out yourself.

This is what I tell myself, and if it appeals to you tell it to yourself. Have a happy life, because there is nothing more important than that in this material life.


I write not because I want you to read it. I write not because I think it will change the world. I write not because I can "influence" someone in some way. I write not because I want to "impress" someone in some way. I write simply because the I in me wants to write. I write simply because I feel like writing. The day I do not feel, I will not. Till then I will write my heart out :)

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  1. Especially in today's world we should live to express.. I hear a lot of people saying that they do not know how to express which is not right.. Tumba olle post sir :)