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Mahabharata Shantiparva

Shanti Parva Chapter 110/111

21 madhu māṃsaṃ ca ye nityaṃ varjayantīha mānavāḥ
janmaprabhṛti madyaṃ ca durgāṇy atitaranti te
They that abstain, from their birth, from honey and meat and intoxicating drinks, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

22 yātrārthaṃ bhojanaṃ yeṣāṃ saṃtānārthaṃ ca maithunam
vāk satyavacanārthāya durgāṇy atitaranti te
They that eat for only supporting life, that seek the companionship of women for the sake only of offspring and that open their lips for only speaking what is true, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

23 īśvaraṃ sarvabhūtānāṃ jagataḥ prabhavāpyayam
bhaktā nārāyaṇaṃ ye ca durgāṇy atitaranti te

They that worship with devotion the god Narayana, that Supreme Lord of all creatures, that origin and destruction of the universe, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

24 ya eṣa raktapadmākṣaḥ pītavāsā mahābhujaḥ
suhṛd bhrātā ca mitraṃ ca saṃbandhī ca tavācyutaḥ
This Krishna here, of eyes red as the lotus, clad in yellow robes, endued with mighty arms,--this Krishna who is our well-wisher, brother, friend, and relative,--is Narayana of unfading glory.

25 ya imān sakalāṁl lokāṃś carmavat pariveṣṭayet
icchan prabhur acintyātmā govindaḥ puruṣottamaḥ

He covers all the worlds like a leathern case, at his own pleasure. He is the puissant Lord, of inconceivable soul. He is Govinda, the foremost of all beings.

26 sthitaḥ priyahite jiṣṇoḥ sa eva puruṣarṣabha
rājaṃs tava ca durdharṣo vaikuṇṭhaḥ puruṣottamaḥ
This Krishna who is ever engaged in doing what is agreeable and beneficial to Jishnu, as also to thee, O king, is that foremost of all beings, that irresistible one, that abode of eternal felicity.

27 ya enaṃ saṃśrayantīha bhaktyā nārāyaṇaṃ harim
te tarantīha durgāṇi na me 'trāsti vicāraṇā
They that with devotion seek the refuge of this Narayana, called also Hari, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

28 durgātitaraṇaṃ ye ca paṭhanti śrāvayanti ca
pāṭhayanti ca viprebhyo durgāṇy atitaranti te

They that read these verses about the overcoming of difficulties, that recite them to others, and that speak of them unto Brahmanas, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

29 iti kṛtyasamuddeśaḥ kīrtitas te mayānagha
saṃtared yena durgāṇi paratreha ca mānavaḥ

I have now, O sinless one, told thee all those acts by which men may overcome all difficulties both here and hereafter.'"

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