Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Manushya -- Those who are capable of understanding or thinking about God. Manushyah --- One with the desire to contemplate on God, aiming to attain completion but have still not attained that state.

We all endevour for completeness by our individual capacities. If we are a small pot then we can be complete to the brin of the pot. If we are a tumbler then we can attain purNatva to our capacity of a tumbler. But Bhagawanta is inifinitely expansive and we can not find completeness to the level of Bhagawanta, because we are not Bhagawanta. Bhagawanta is like an ocean and we are all like pots and cups, we can not be complete to the level of the ocean. Everything can reach complete state but only to a relative extent, to degrees of subjective experiences, of one's individual capacity. The absolute or universal completeness remains infinite.

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